Haier Biomedical

Spark Free Freezers

Better than spark free: Intrinsically safe ATEX certified spark free explosion safe cold storage for your chemicals.

We have two sizes. 92 and 278 litre. The Haier DW-25L92SF and DW-30L278SF.

ATEX certification II C-T6 E.U. and European CE. This means that it is even safe in a Zone II environment! Safe for storing your products in the presence of gases as volatile as Hydrogen and no (exposed) part of the fridge gets hotter than 85 deg C. You valuable samples a re stored in side anti-static plastic drawers.

Download our pdf brochure here.

Salient points:

  • ATEX Certified safe in Zone II
  • Spark free and intrinsically safe
  • Temperature range -10 to -25 or -30 deg C
  • Plastic anti-static drawer storage
  • Multiple alarms. High/low, door open etc.
  • Min/max temperature recording in built in log.
  • High efficiency HC refrigerant
Why do you need a Haier ATEX certified spark free freezer? Read this
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