Haier Biomedical in Aotearoa NZ

Is represented (officially) by CCAT Scientific

About CCAT

CCAT who?

Starting life as a contract service company in the science industry, CCAT is the primary NZ agent for Haier scientific and medical refrigeration products. CCAT is also a re-seller of Testo Saveris products to monitor your fridges. With  many years experience in almost every laboratory in the country, CCAT is well positioned to understand your needs and technical requirements.  CCAT works closely with Brightside Scientific of Sydney and Biotronics and Lab Supply of Dunedin. Brightside has stocks of freezers and incubators in Sydney.  Biotronics provides service and after sales support in the southern region.

At the helm of CCAT Scientific Ltd is John McConnell. John's specialty is close haul sailing. After unbelievably being overlooked as NZ America's Cup skipper again, he has lots of time available to manage a range of quality laboratory products and provide service and support. With a background as an electronics engineer, John has been servicing scientific instruments since the invention of pH paper. Having installed the electronic rain gauge on Noah's Ark, John has serviced many instruments none of us have even heard of, as well as being a gun on the new stuff.

Contact info@haiermedical.co.nz or phone 0800 222 812