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Pharmacy/Vaccine fridge

The biggest drawback with your fridge at home is that is not very accurate and not very stable and not very consistent. The evaporator is in the storage compartment. When the compressor is running the air cooled by the evaporator (the icy panel inside at the back) falls and starts the cooling of your food at the bottom of the fridge. There is usually several degrees difference between the temperature of the food at the top and the bottom. This is not good enough for a precious cargo such as vaccines and medicines.
The solution is simple. The evaporator is separated by a wall and the air is blown over it and into the storage compartment by a fan. This moves the air quickly in a loop and steadily cools all of the contents at the same rate.

Inside a vaccoine fridge

This picture shows Haier HYC118. Clearly visible is the digital display and controls at the top and through the glass door is the fan port. These models often feature a heated double glazed glass front door which never fogs up. The advantage is that you can see and identify the article you are about to remove from the fridge and therefore minimise the door open time.

To be compliant with the NZ Ministry of Health cold chain protocol the fridge must store and allow you to retrieve the daily minimum and maximum temperature data. It should also preferably keep a log (which our larger fridges do) and you should have monitoring device, which of course we can supply.

You can download a brochure showing the whole range of Haier pharmacy and vaccine fridges here.

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