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About vaccine fridges

You are an important part of the vaccine cold chain. So are these Haier vaccine fridges.

Upright blood bank fridges

About blood fridges

Blood is precious. Store it safely in our dedicated fridges.

About the cold chain

If you store (in a fridge) your vaccines and other medicines then you are a part of the cold chain. Read on.

Safety amongst volatile atmospheres

About spark free fridges

Why do you need a spark free fridge? Read on.

Industrial applications

About CCAT Scientific

Self explanatory really. Read on.


About this man

Zhang Ruimin. It's a good story. Read on.

Haier medical

About Haier Medical

Haier Medical and Scientific is a division of the worlds biggest white ware manufacturer, represented in Aotearoa NZ by CCAT Scientific.

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CCAT Scientific: 0800 222 812

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NZ Herald article

Pharmacy news

Read this article in the NZ Herald from August 18 2017. Don't get caught in the next random audit from the Ministry of Health.