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Spark free fridge - aka laboratory safety

Why use a spark free fridge? That's easy to answer. To avoid this:
Eplosion mess
You can read about this story here: https://ehs.msu.edu/news/2015-07-10-fridge-explosion.html
If have chemicals around with flash points below 38 °C then you should be using a spark free fridge. Here are some examples:
Acetone ‐17°C Ethanol +13°C
20% Ethanol +36°C Isopropanol +12°C
Methanol +12°C Ethyl Ether ‐45°C
Hexane ‐21°C Toluene +4°C

The Haier spark free fridges are certified to ATEX II C-T6 EU Explosion Proof Certification. This means that you can have volatile solvents stored in them safely but also it means that you are safe in a volatile environment in your lab as they will not cause ignition of vapours either inside the fridge or outside.

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