Medical and Scientific

Pharmacy Refrigeration

290 litre


Ignore the basket in the picture. This popular size has five shelves you can place in ten places.

610 litre


Haier have a range of larger pharmacy fridges.  Single door 290, 390 & 610 litre.

940 litre


Double door, 940 or 1378 litre.

Blood bank fridges


We have fridges for the blood bank and for transporting your precious cargo.

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Spark free

Spark free

If your are storing volatile solvents or you are working in a volatile atmosphere, stay safe with one of these Haier ATEX certified spark free fridges.

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For microbiology research etc Haier have an extensive range of minus 80 ULT freezers to safely store your valuable samples.

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Haier medical

About Haier medical

Haier Medical and Scientific is a division of the worlds biggest whiteware manufacturer, represented in Aotearoa NZ by CCAT Scientific.

  Haier Medical

Contact your Haier Medical representative

CCAT Scientific: 0800 222 812

NZ e: info@ccat.co.nz

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Service & maintenance

CCAT offers annual service and re-certification. For refrigeration related issues we will probably dispatch a local refrigeration engineer near you.

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