Haier Biomedical Pharmacy Fridge


This upright pharmacy refrigerator has 390 litre capacity. The air is fan  circulated internally to maintain an even temperature distribution throughout within 3 deg of set point. Available with double glazed glass door or solid foam insulated. The glass door is sexy and you can see the contents before opening but do you really need that? The foam insulated reduces heat loss substantially. Reduces power consumption and increases warm up time during a power outage. We recommend the foam insulated door.

Download  the full specification here.

Salient points:
Temperature range 2 to 8 degC
Multiple alarms. High/low, door open etc.
Min/max temperature recording in built in log.
CFC & HCFC free refrigerant
USB interface

Contact info@haiermedical.co.nz or phone 0800 222 812