Logging the temperature and storing the data

The Lascar EL-USB series

The Lascar EL-USB-series are data loggers which you simply configure then place inside the fridge, freezer or chilly bin and they quietly go about their business of measuring and logging temperature.

With the very easy to use software supplied, you can configure the data logger to log the temperature every ten minutes for a very long time. Then, for example each week, you remove the logger, plug it into your computers USB port and download the data for review and archiving. The it is available for later audit etc..
There are many versions. Here are our recommendations:
EL-USB-1 Like the one in the picture but without the LCD display. So you place it in the fridge and remove it once per week (for example), plug it into your computer and retrieve the data.
EL-USB-1-LCD This is pictured above. This also features a min/max function which can be read at the press of the button.
EL-USB-VAC   (Recommended)  Pictured here with the green glycol bottle probe.  Has the LCD display. The probe sits in the fridge and the data logger sits outside. This means it is also suitable for use in your chilly bin.
EL-USB-ULT-LCD As above but with a thermocouple probe suitable for use at ultra low freezer temperatures such as minus 80.
Don't take my word for it. Download the software and some sample data and try it for yourself.
Your choice.  Salient points:

  • Satisfies NZ  requirements for vaccine fridge monitoring

  • Satisfies NZ cold chain requirements for chilly bin use
  • Ease of use

  • Robust

Contact info@haiermedical.co.nz or phone 0800 222 812