Haier Medical and Scientific

Refrigerators and freezers



Haier fridges all feature optional double glaze frost free, or solid foam insulated doors. We guaranteed they will pass all NZ Ministry of health requirements for storage of vaccines.

Upright deep freezer


Haier have a range of freezers for science, industry and medicine. Covering the range from minus 4 deg C to minus 40 deg C, including fridge freezer combinations. Also see: minus80.co.nz

ULT Freezers

Minus 80 ULT Freezers

Haier ULT minus 80  freezers are extraordinarily energy efficient and quiet. We have a range of chest but mostly upright style, sizes from 100 litres to nearly 1000 litres. Also see:  minus80.co.nz

Pharmacy fridges


Haier pharmacy fridges are ideal for your valuable vaccines and other medicines. Our fridges will help to guarantee your compliance.

Industrial applications


If your are storing valuable epoxy resins, or want to chill a sample of HDPE for the drop dart test, we a have a freezer to suit your requirements.



For microbiology research etc Haier have an extensive range of minus 80 ULT freezers to safely store your valuable samples.

Haier medical

About Haier Medical

Haier Medical and Scientific is a division of the worlds biggest white ware manufacturer, represented in Aotearoa NZ by CCAT Scientific.

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Service & Maintenance

CCAT offers annual service and re-certification. For refrigeration related issues we will probably dispatch a local refrigeration engineer near you. ph 0800 222 812.