Haier Biomedical Pharmacy Fridges

Pharmacy fridge


68 litre pharmacy fridge with double glazed door. Available for hire for the vaccine season. Read more.


118 litre pharmacy fridge with double glazed and heated door.

These two under counter models are 68 and 118 litres capacity. The air is fan  circulated internally to maintain an even temperature distribution throughout within 3 deg of set point. There is also a version of each with a non glass door just like your fridge at home. But for pharmacy  you just can't beat the glass door and the price difference is negligible!

Download our pdf brochure here and a full specification here.

Salient points:
Temperature range 2 to 8 degC
Multiple alarms. High/low, door open etc.
Min/max temperature recording in built in log.
CFC free refrigerant
$ Own a small business? Terms and/or rental options available. $

Contact info@haiermedical.co.nz or phone 0800 222 812